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Identifying a sickness or illness in your pet can be pretty difficult as they can’t express themselves or speak. That doesn’t mean you simply overlook their symptoms. You can tell that they’re not themselves when they hide under the staircase or in dark corners. This is a sure-shot sign that there is something amiss. 

As a pet parent, you need to decode dog illness symptoms and make important decisions in the best interest of your pet’s health. 

Most Common Cat & Dog Diseases 

Even before we move on to the warning signs you need to watch out for, let’s look at the common dog illnesses and cat ailments.

Liver Disease

Dog liver disease symptoms include liver swells and enlarges. This condition in dogs is called cirrhosis and is not reversible. Usually, the liver becomes rubbery and firm in this illness. The early signs of liver disease in dogs include lethargy, low appetite, weight loss, vomiting and diarrhoea. Liver ailments usually occur because of vaccines, wrong medications, processed foods, environmental toxins and additives. 

Canine Parvovirus

Canine Parvo disease is a highly contagious infection in dogs that causes acute gastrointestinal problems. There are several strains, and it affects young, unvaccinated dogs the most. During the COVID-19 outbreak, there was a boost in the CPV cases. It usually spreads when a dog comes in contact with contaminated stool, surfaces that have viruses, and infected leashes and collars. The most common canine parvo symptoms include loss of appetite, blood in stool, depression and vomiting.

Canine Distemper

Another contagious and serious illness is distemper disease in dogs. Just like canine parvo, this too is caused by a certain virus. All dogs are at the risk of developing this rare disease. It spread through direct contact with an infected animal, airborne exposure and through placenta. The virus affects a dog’s central nervous system, lymphatic tissue and optic nerves. 

Tick-borne Disease

Have you noticed tiny, black worms crawling on your pet’s coat? Those are ticks. They are small parasites that attach themselves to dogs and feed on their blood. Tick related diseases in dogs are quite common. In fact, in certain seasons, dogs develop tick fever. Loss of appetite, fever and lethargy are common symptoms of tick fever. 

Acute Vomiting

Just like dogs, cats too vomit. This usually happens if they’ve consumed their meal too quickly or have eaten something that hasn’t suited them. Vomiting isn’t really a reason to worry. But sometimes, it can indicate a gastrointestinal infection. Dogs throw up or might suffer from diarrhoea due to food poisoning. Gastroenteritis in dogs’ symptoms include inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, abdominal pain, diarrhoea and vomiting. Bacterial infections and changes in diet lead to this disease. 

Never Ignore these 5 Signs of Sickness in your Pet

Though every dog or cat illness has its own set of symptoms, there are a few symptoms that indicate your pet needs to visit a veterinary hospital in Hyderabad. If your pet is showing any of the following signs, schedule a vet check-up at the earliest:

Lack of appetite

The first and foremost sign that your pet is unwell is if they stop eating completely. Lack of appetite can be attributed to various diseases. It can be a sign of food poisoning, liver disease and dog virus parvo. Consult a veterinary doctor immediately.  


Just like humans, pets too show signs of tiredness. A sudden behaviour change can be a cause of worry. Dogs and cats are very active with their owners and visitors. If they’re not their normal, healthy, active self, and are appearing dull and lethargic, there might be a potential health hazard. 


Compared to dogs, cats are usually low on energy. However, if the energy is lower than normal, there could be something seriously wrong. With dogs, to a certain extent, you can tell if something is off. With cats, you need to be more observant. Even if your cat seems fine, they might have internal injuries. Take them to the nearest pet clinic in Gachibowli to get them checked.

Trouble walking

If you see your dog limping or walking abnormally, it’s an indication of joint, muscle and bone problems. A lot of dogs tend to develop arthritis as they age. Though it’s not a cause of worry, it’s always better to get them treated. In case the muscles become too sore, they might have a problem, sitting or standing too. 

Excessive scratching and foul smell

Skin ailments in dogs are quite popular. Their coats tend to get contaminated when they go for their daily walks. Owing to this, they develop skin allergies, ear infections and redness. If you see your dog scratching their ears excessively against something, get them checked. A foul smell is also indicative of an allergic reaction.


Your four-legged friend needs your support the most during times of distress. As a pet parent, knowing the potential cat and dog illnesses is important. This will help you take swift action when your pet is exhibiting any of the warning signs mentioned above. Mr. Vet is one of the best veterinary hospitals in Hyderabad. Whether it’s a routine check-up or full-fledged surgery, we have a comprehensive range of veterinary services

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