When you’re a pet owner, you want nothing but the best for your furry friend. You want them to be happy, cheerful, and in the pink of their health and well-being. Unfortunately, they too are susceptible to the same ailments as humans. As they get older, their health tends to deteriorate and they might require surgery. If you’re told that your cat or dog requires surgery, it can be pretty frightening. Thankfully, there is no dearth of the best veterinary hospitals in Hyderabad. Since they are managed by experienced veterinary surgeons, you can be assured that a particular procedure is recommended in the best interest of your pet. 

Before any particular surgery is performed on your pet, it is important for you to understand why it is being advised in the first place. As a pet owner, you should know about all the special surgeries for dogs and cats

Common Surgeries offered by Pet Clinics in Hyderabad

Today, veterinary care has advanced considerably. Pet hospitals in Hyderabad are managed by compassionate and caring professionals, who use state-of-the-art equipment and follow safe surgical procedures. 

Knowing the basics of pet surgery will help you take required action in emergency situations.

Major and minor soft tissues surgeries

A soft tissue surgery does not involve bones, joints and spine. It involves tissues that connect, support and surround structures and organs in the body. A soft tissue surgery is usually performed on a dog when they have a fracture, muscle tear or ligament damage. Whether it’s a routine or intricate procedure, our veterinary surgeons perform the procedure with utmost precision and care. Soft tissue surgeries are not as alarming as they seem to be. It is a common procedure for vets. The common tissue surgeries vets perform on pets are desexing, hernia repair, mass removal, gastrointestinal surgery and dental extraction. The recovery is usually a few days to a week. It all depends on the intensity of the surgery. 

Orthopaedic surgeries

Orthopaedic surgeries are related to bones, ligaments, tendons and joints. It provides relief and improves pet mobility. If your pet is experiencing joint pain or movement limitations, an orthopaedic surgery can correct the problem. Depending on the nature of the surgery, the surgery can be simple or complex. If it involves a hip replacement or knee surgery, the recovery period for your pet may be long. The complications after an orthopaedic surgery are usually infection and blood loss. Thus, search for “orthopaedic veterinarian near me” to find the best professional to perform the surgery. 

Dental & root canal surgeries

Just like humans need to maintain their oral health, pets too need regular dental health check-ups. If your dog is over ten years old, they might even require a dental extraction. There are several pet clinics in Gachibowli that specialize in dog dentistry. As part of the dental surgery or cleaning procedure, surgeons administer anesthesia and then perform the surgery on the teeth. They even treat the gums and oral tissues. 

Eye and cataract surgeries

If your dog is ageing, cataract is quite common. It is usually a sign of failing eyesight. When their retina begins to look translucent, it may be a warning sign. Not all Hyderabad veterinary hospitals specialize in cataract. Find a specialist who can perform a cataract surgery before it becomes too mature. Older cataracts are difficult to get rid of. The post-operative care for cataract is usually a few weeks. As your dog has been diagnosed with eye complications, get it treated so that the complications don’t worsen. 

Spinal surgeries

In dogs, spinal surgeries are more common than you think. Your pet might even have difficulty in movement. A spine injury usually impairs the neural and skeleton system. Early symptoms of a spine disease are neck and back pain. In dogs, it is usually referred to as intervertebral disc disease. Surgery can relieve any kind of pressure on your dog’s spinal cord and eliminate nerve damage. Recovery after a spinal surgery usually involves strict rest, dietary care and physical therapy. 

Cardiac surgeries

Another speciality surgery offered by veterinary surgeons in Hyderabad is cardiac surgery. The kind of surgery required is based on several considerations. As the name implies, it is usually done to treat your pet’s heart, lungs and chest. Cardiothoracic surgery usually involves an incision. Though the surgery is non-invasive, recovery, rehabilitation and follow up care is important. 

Best Veterinary Hospital in Gachibowli

When your pet is ageing, surgery for different injuries is pretty common. As a pet owner, it can be pretty daunting. However, when you contact a super-speciality veterinary hospital in Hyderabad like Mr. Vet Hospitals, your furry companions receive the best care possible. We offer comprehensive services and follow a compassionate approach to treat your pets with utmost care.

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